Customization Services

S9Motion provides professional customization services for after effects

After Effects customization services

If you need after effects templates customization service for any reason (software, plugins, time…), please contact me. The customization process will be completed in 0-3 days depending of project complexity and render time. We just reduced our customization fees!

In order to avoid an eventual misunderstanding, please provide me all informations about your needs – exactly which text, slogans, images and/or videos you want to have in final video…  Send me an email requesting the required informations for the concerned template. Please, use the contact form (above drop panel) and write “Customization request” as email’s subject.

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Provide us technical details for your final video: resolution, file format and compression…



Template Customization Pricing:

Once you’ve contacted us regarding your project, we’ll provide you with a quote on how much time your project will take to complete. The larger your project is, the more you’ll save!
Our Template Customization rates begin with a flat fee of €60 (the initial 2 hours) and then are billed hourly based on the scale below:

2-5 hours: €27/hour

6-10 hours: €24/hour

If you want to customize a videohive project, first you have to buy it on videohive. Customization fees don’t include the initial buy price on videohive. All customization orders will have to be accompanied by the advance payment / the payment of a deposit once this order will be confirmed/accepted by us. This deposit is usually 50%-60% of the global amount. Prices are libelled in € (EUROS).